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Brant & Sherri Oddcast

Jul 28, 2015

Where's God in Suffering, A Weekend @ the Fair, Selling Brant's Truck, Your Identity is in God Alone, The Accordion Birthday Song, Anger on Social Media, Fleet of Foot, Temporary Troubles for Believers, The Monday Song, Angry About Modest Swimwear, Social Tips, Love and Sacrifice, CrossFIt




"Why am I teasing that we're talking about my shoes? Nobody cares."


"Why are we always using 'Bob' as the hypothetical contentious person in our life. No Bob has ever done anything to us."


"If you're a person following Jesus and trusting Him with your life, all of your problems have something in common: they're temporary."


"Love is where sacrifice kicks in"


"I can't do Crossfit. I hurt my back just watching it on TV"



"Sherri is wonderful, but I think she's predisposed to want me to fail"