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Brant & Sherri Oddcast

Oct 30, 2014

We took the easiest, laziest possible approach to today's podcast. We're just uploading our radio show. To listen daily, check out to find one near you! Maybe!

Oct 28, 2014

Disclaimer: You may not want to listen to this, if you don't want to hear contemporary American evangelical church culture lovingly challenged.

Both Sherri and Brant are a product of this culture, but think the gift of pastoring has been reduced... to CEO.

Oct 24, 2014

Producer Sherri's Fave Quotes:
“Is Christian Bale really gonna draw out that many women to see the Exodus movie. Are they really coming to see him flex in front of the Red Sea?” 

“A lot of the things we call ‘church’ are not rooted in the New Testament. We’ve made up a lot of stuff and I don’t...

Oct 18, 2014

Sherri's Fave Quotes from the Show (TM)


"The great punishment for sin is getting our own way."


 “There are a lot of different metaphors for hell in the Bible and there are different conceptions about what it will be, but one thing is consistent: isolation.”


“Our own sinfulness causes breakdowns in the...

Oct 9, 2014

Left Behind Thoughts
Podcast Listener in China
Why do people hate Lebron?
Building up a young man (13 year old dinner)
Sherri's Fave Quotes:

“I’m not discounting anyone’s opinion, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out why I’m not supposed to like Lebron James.”


“Unity that matters...