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Brant & Sherri Oddcast

Nov 30, 2023

What’s Your Epitaph, People Are People, The Prime Cannon, Prayer, Holiday Eating, God’s Introduction, John Won the Race, Fruitfulness, Christians vs. Jesus, Bring People Stuff, Depths Of The Sea, Christmas After New year, God’s Great Art Gallery;


“We DO need a Savior.”

“Your faithfulness is not...

Nov 29, 2023

People Drive You Crazy, Blinking Study, First Hand Account, Beaver Pets, God & Feelings, Snake & The Street Kings, Breaking Animal News, Sheep, Tipping, Vulnerable People, Coming To God, Horse, Clean Inside, Starlings, BONUS CONTENT: Book Giveaway;


“The act of finding something positive to say something nice...

Nov 28, 2023

Masterclass, Inner Monologue, Macy’s Jesus/Gift, I Saw the Light, Learning, How Jesus Says Live, Welcome to the Show, Shock Jock, Call In Truth, More Creative, BONUS CONTENT: Shock Jock, Learners;


“You have to speak truth to your own mind.”

“They’re not moving enough.””

“You need to know you need...

Nov 24, 2023

Part 2 of Brant’s conversation with Naghmeh Panahi about her new book “I Didn’t Survive.”

Nov 23, 2023

Actually Guy, Athletes and Giving Thanks, Thankful List, BONUS CONTENT: Oddcast Question, Worship Music Revisited;


“I stand humbly corrected.”

“Why not thank God?”

“I’m trying to win dinner.”

“Crank up our Oddcast.”