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Brant & Sherri Oddcast

May 31, 2018

NBA Finals, Serving Others, Honesty Cafe, Yelp Review Suing, The Jesus Question, Epic Spelling Bee, BONUS CONTENT: Talking About Races;


“That’s much funnier when you’re Pentecostal.”

“I want danger in my Spelling Bee.”

“We’ve re-created Jesus in our own image.”

“And behold I saw a giant pie...

May 30, 2018

Marriage, Solo Movie, Joke Sa, Diet Tips, Sharing Your Faith;



“I don’t need to make myself discontent.”

“Please don’t start a nerd fight, please.”

“I get worked up about Star Wars and coin collectors.”

“Marriage is about serving. 100% serving.”

May 28, 2018

Hip Hop Abs, Low Grade Guilt, Bugs in Groceries, Be Still and Know, National Days, Proverbs 16, Social Tip, Our Intent, IPhone X, The Bible Is Relevant, Royal Weddings, BONUS CONTENT Sherri’s Book and Facebook;


“Some news is best left untouched.”

“I will teach you how to be…if not the life of the...

May 25, 2018

Just a Little Anxiety at Work, Show Dog, Jesus on Twitter, Survival School, Stamp Collecting, Breaking Animal News, Worry, Welcome to the Show, Tiriva Couple, Teddy Sea Turtle, Handle It Now;



“We’ll wait right here while you name all the shows that do theological turtle stories.”

“You want just a...

May 24, 2018

Moving Tips, Proverbs 23: Talking to Fools, Welcome to the Show, Crackling Body, Persuading People, BONUS CONTENT: Loneliness and Feelings Lying;


“If you want to persuade, it’s going to be in relationship or not at all.”

“As you get older you’re like ‘why is my crackling. It never use to...