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Brant & Sherri Oddcast

Feb 29, 2016

Brant the Wedding Singer, Social Role Play, Not Enough Exercise, Mime the News, Words and Lasers, Millennials and Cereal, What's a Successful Day, Clueless Guys, Making Rules, Say Yes to God, Cleaning Yourself Up, The Word "February" Follow-up, Too Many Toys, Roscoe-Tolkien: Call It!, You're Welcome Here;

Feb 26, 2016

New FB Options, FB and Anger, Brant Called Out!, Safari's Grocery Outlet, Friend of Sinners, The FB Singles' Mixer, They're Just Like Us, Dentistry on Fleek, Jesus Sets Us Free, Interesting Topics @ the Dentist, FB Freak Out, Not Hopeless;
"Letting things go and letting go of anger is still...

Feb 25, 2016

Relating to God, National Toast Day, Chewing Gum for the Dentist, Helping People to Mature, Airbus Bench, How You Met Your Spouse, Scandalized by Grace;
"If I'm gonna run for president, I gotta get in on some of these primaries"
"Unless you've been scandalized by grace you haven't understood it...

Feb 24, 2016

Being an Astronaut, Brant Hansen for President, When Jesus Happens, Honesty Cafe, How Your Car Feels, You're Welcome Here, Being Silly, Kids/Tantrums/Target, Hipsters and Authority, Dealing with Asperger's (it gets better) Emotionally Relating to God, Be Humble Week, Destroying Stuff;
"Dr. Neil Clark Warren...

Feb 23, 2016

Talking About God, Mac Book and Coffee, The Monday Song, Greeting Tme in Church, Dealing with Anger, Save the Alien Planet, Silence on the Phone, Local News, Singles Mixer, When You're Not Good At Something, Christmas Tree Worm Follow-up, Worry;
"No one is more militant about the local news than...