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Brant & Sherri Oddcast

Sep 29, 2023

Remembering, Gratitude, Breaking Animal New, Can I Pray For You? What’s Old?, Not Chafing, Stealing Cattle, Skeptics, Prayer, BONUS CONTENT: Chafing Follow-up;


“Human beings are forgetting machines.”

“I want to be thankful not entitled.”

“No one is going to be old at some point.”

“Let God be the...

Sep 28, 2023

Gas Nozzle, Trust God, Social Tip, AI Coach, Suing Burger King, Words, AI Clippy, Alexa Hot Takes, Motives, Welcome to the Show, Be of Good Cheer, BONUS CONTENT: Joshua Lazer;


“We need to make it clear to people why they actually can trust God.”

“My eyebrows are really a key part of my face.”


Sep 27, 2023

Mom-fluencer, We Need Each Other, Fast Food Mascot, Explain Hope, Welcome to the Show, Creamer Sweepstakes, Don’t Give Up On People, Desperate For Jesus, Phone Etiquette, BONUS CONTENT: AI Sermon;


“Have you gotten your toddler started on a baby cello yet?”

“Hamburgler seems genuinely happy.”


Sep 26, 2023

Slang, Your Identity, Breaking Animal News, Slightest Turn To God, BONUS CONTENT: Your Identity Follow-up.


“We are really weird.”

“I think it’s important to deconstruct the culture.”

“I tried explaining it to my dog.”

“Don’t be a perfectionist about prayer.”

Sep 25, 2023

Exciting Show, Love Your Neighbor, Masterclass, Can’t Control People, I Saw The Light, Atheists About God, No Politics, More Roman Empire, Trusting God, Welcome To The Show, Make An Effort, Dolphins;


“Happy wasn’t there.”

“I’m surprised you didn’t laugh.”

“It was strangely heartwarming as he...