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Brant & Sherri Oddcast

Jun 30, 2020

I Saw the Light, Loneliness, Doctors Playing Games on the Phone, Childlike, Say What You’re Thinking, Joke Spa, Multi-Cultural Churches, Amish Fiction Novel, Forgiveness;


“Nothing says “welcome” like “who cares”.”

“If I want other people to know what I’m thinking, I have to tell them.”


Jun 29, 2020

Anxiety, Nothing Time, Love Your Neighbor, Your Brain Doing Two Things, Shock Jock, Christians, The Asteroid, Raising Children, BONUS CONTENT: Dilemma Street;


“It’s much easier to love ‘humanity’ than it is your neighbor.”

“It turned out to be more of a paradox.”

“It’s important to see yourself...

Jun 26, 2020

Welcome to the Show, 4th of July, Breaking Animal News, Smartest Persons on Earth, You are so Beautiful, Romans 12, Forgiveness, You’re Worth a Lot, Shock Jock, Rest, BONUS MATERIAL: The Amazon Review;


“Our goal is to give you courage.”

“I get a constant sense kids want breaking animal news.”


Jun 25, 2020

Forgiveness, Aliens & Strangers, Revenge Shopping, Home Improvement, Shock Jock, Evidence of the Good News, God’s Patience, Where You Stand with God, Difficult People;


“You’re becoming the grumpy old person or the saintly old person right now.”

“We should be distinct in the world but still for...

Jun 24, 2020

Brant’s 3 Things, Don’t Give Up on the Joke, What Women Find Attractive, Spontaneous Generosity, Sci-Fi Question Vacation vs. Family I.Q., Check What You’re Watching, Your Signature Scent, BONUS CONTENT: Enneagram 5 & Energy;


“Eventually he will relent and realize it’s hilarious.”

“I read the...