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Brant & Sherri Oddcast

May 26, 2023

Hope, Romantic Tips, Psalm 103, Skeptical, Breaking Animal News, God/Intellect, Space Weddings, Somebody Needs to Hear That;


“Memorizing scripture is kind of punk rock.”

“There are several things wrong with what you just said.”

“Deep down we all believe that love matters and that there is...

May 25, 2023

Graduation Hats, Talk To Some Who Loves God, Masterclass, Just Start Praying, BONUS CONTENT: Proverbs 31, Fork In The Pocket, The Tap;


“Somebody should have let me in on the bobby-pin action.”

“Facts are not the best way to get to know someone.”

“I thought the word bludgeoned would come up.”

May 24, 2023

Pet Peeve, Graduation Speakers, Let Me Call You Back, Trust, Puppet’s In Traffic, Somebody Needs to Hear This, Value Wisdom, Sacrificial Love, BONUS CONTENT: AI/SACRIFICIAL LOVE Follow-up;


“I have things to say.”

“You could substitute the word faith with trust.”

“I don’t want any sympathy...

May 23, 2023

Masterclass, Peacemaker, Weakness, I'm Sorry Song, Faith Of Jesus, BONUS CONTENT: Job, I’m Sorry Follow-up;


“Out of our listenership it’s a quorum.”

“Pray for your enemies until your heart turns towards them.”

“I now have 2 acclaims.”

“You should implicitly trust this pit bull.”

May 19, 2023

Cheer Graduation, Answer Prayer, Shock Jock, Who God Uses, Bandwagon Effect, Young Guys Protect, Cereal Production, Is God Angry With Me?, Subway Robbery, Pickle-ball Store, Monocle Guy, God/Suffering, If You Can Believe, Muscular Flute Playing, Breaking Animal News;


“Spring is my time for hot takes.”