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Brant & Sherri Oddcast

Oct 30, 2017

Halloween, I Don’t Like Your Hair, Private Sin, Napoleon Dynamite Birthday, Spa Day, Spiritual Misfits, Candy Corn Win, Breaking Animal News, Save the Alien Planet, Proverbs 4:23, Karen Goes to Greece, Shock Jock, Fun-Size Salads, Rocky, The Misfits Tour;



“There is no private life. Our decisions affect...

Oct 27, 2017

The Hansen Institute, iPhone 10 Sadness, Honesty Cafe, Does Everyone Go to Heaven, Gradualness, Shock Jock Social Media and Jesus Surfing for God, Brant Blockbuster Book. Chocolate Studies, God Gets the Glory, What Atheists Say, Activate Your Brain;



“There will be an application fee for the Hansen...

Oct 26, 2017

Taco Bell Health, Brant at a Correctional Facility, Likable People, Have Something to Say, Text vs. Talking, Candy Corn Stance, Figuring Out Grace, Napflix, Shock Jock Breaking Animal News;


“Thanks for thinking of our health, Taco Bell.”

“Society tells you how to be a man but it’s all the wrong...

Oct 25, 2017

Parallel Parking, Prodigal Son Story, Save the Alien Planet, God’s Love Language, iPhone 10 Sadness, Breaking Animal News, Letter to Your Younger Self, Messy Desk People, Admiring Things, What to Pray For, Introvert Island, National Credit Week;



“In the prodigal son story the hardest thing in the world is...

Oct 25, 2017

Brant and Sherri talk about Sherri's musical "The Bold and the Sanctified" and it's sell out show in Harrisburg, PA.