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Brant & Sherri Oddcast

Apr 26, 2017

All Blessings from God, Executive Admin Nightmares, Dog vs. Bear FB Controversy, Rusty ol’ Tools, Have You Arrived?, The Juicero, Joke Spa, God Change Character, Actually Guy/Gal, Depression/Gratefulness, Summing Up Suffering, Unicorn Frappuccino; 



“I give administrative assistants nightmares.”


Apr 25, 2017

Administrative Professional Day, Advice for Awkward Guys, Buy a Town, Air BnB Shire, Coaching Not Judging, Dog or Bear, Forgiveness, The Giant “S”, Being Single, The Kingdom: Different Authority Structure;



“I’m intimidated by Administrative Professionals. I feel like they’re looking through me.”

Apr 24, 2017

You’re Welcome Here, Being Humble, Honesty About Walking Away, Too Nice to Brant, Most Beautiful Woman, Joy Changes Everything, God Changes, Dog Advice, Pride, Fast Furious Good News Bad News, Don’t Worry, Travel Into Brant’s Brain, Triflin’, What I am Here For, Little Tiny Metropolis;




Apr 21, 2017

Depressed and Grateful, Breaking Animal News, Forgiveness, Social Tip, NPR Is Stealing Our Stuff, Church Greeting Time Revisited, Game Night at the Hansen’s, National Autism Month, Save the Alien Planet, Going to Church, Dealing with Anger, Bible Experts, Friends on the Radio;



“Sherri’s aware and...

Apr 20, 2017

Brant Hansen Scripted, Unoffendable: Dog and Neighbor, Running to Suffering, Saying “Hi” to Introverts, Knowledge vs. the Heart, Breaking Animal News, We’re Forgetful, Social tip, Accordion on the Plane On a Mission for God, Cleveland Shooting, Words your Mom Used, Busy w/Netflix;



“They’re going to...