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Brant & Sherri Oddcast

Mar 31, 2017

God Gives Rest, Content or Successful, Most Annoying Sound, Justifying Decisions, Welcome to the Show, Breaking Animal News, Introverts at Work, Having Joy, Low Fat Kit Kat Bar, Is It Helping?, Starbuck’s On Us, Sherri’s Apology;



“As a father, God knows you need rest.”

“I will propagate...

Mar 30, 2017

Annoying Conversationalists, Signing up for a Cross, The Bishop TD Jakes Dream, The End of the World, Cancelled Reality Show, Deserving of Love, Are you Worshipping You or God, history Segment, April Fools Pranks, Key Fab Car Finder, Not Pushing Our Beliefs, Breaking Animal News, Made for a Different Home, Gated...

Mar 23, 2017

Our Brains and Names, Kinds in the Church Nursery, National Happiness Day, God and Flowers, Tom Cruise’s New Move, We’re Forgetful, Honesty Cafe, Karaoke Apology, Complaining, Dealbreaker: Mr. Mullet Man, Being Controlling, The Top 16th Podcast;



“This show is the roller coaster you want to be on.”

Mar 22, 2017

The Method and the Message, Breaking Animal News: The Giant Chicken, Honesty Cafe, The WWI Request, Brackets of Awesome, New Monopoly Pieces The Taxes Game, Being Spiritual vs. Busy, Sci-Fi Question: Itchy vs. $500;



“How did I not know about this chicken?”

“Our methods and message better match.”


Mar 21, 2017

Breaking Animal News, First Day of Spring, Grumpy Old Person, German Broken Light, Misfits Welcome, We Need More Jesus, Vocal Inflections in a Job Interview, Jesus Answer to Religion, Honesty Cafe, Wanting Drama, Kamikaze Karaoke, Love People Now, Food Break Down;



“This is an allegedly highly rated show.”