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Brant & Sherri Oddcast

May 31, 2021

Deconstructing Faith, Urban Bible Stories: Ruth Part 1

May 28, 2021

God Still Wants To Be With Us, Honorary Doctorate, Ideas, Inbox, Anxiety, Prayer, Abide In Him, Jesus Admirer, Stuck With Us, Bored Outside;


“I did hand select this terrible content.”

“If we actually trust God, we can sleep.”

“There’s no love without attention.”

“You can’t just study prayer. You...

May 27, 2021

Meet You In Person, Shock Jock, Consumer Sales, God’s Affection, Masterclass, Brant’s 3 Things, Life Theories That Work, Breaking Animal News, Encouragement, Social Tip, Lottery Friends, Don’t Get Discouraged, Rest, Road Trip, Being For People;


“Lung health comes up in my circles.”

“God is fond of...

May 26, 2021

In Heaven, Spontaneously Generous, Breaking Animal News, Bible/Layers, Listener Uniforms, How Things ReallyAre, Kristen Bell Puppet, God And Loyalty, National Days, Faithful/Success, BONUS CONTENT: Bible/Layers Follow-up;


“Cat’s don’t care about triangles.”

“Extra thumbs will increase...

May 25, 2021

Coming And Going, Impostor Syndrome, Freedom, Spiritual, Masterclass, What People Need, The Lord Is My Shepherd, Breaking Animal News, Praise And Reality, Shock Jock, BONUS CONTENT: The Bema Podcast;


“God is watching over you.”

“Keep God’s wisdom in mind and you will flourish.”

“There’s a deep...