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Brant & Sherri Oddcast

Dec 26, 2019

Video Game Shoes, Peace on Earth, Being Spiritual, Kids Opening Gifts, Being a Good Guest, The Manger, Holiday Social Tip, The GAG System, Breaking Animal News;


“God gave us so much more than a book.”

“There’s a lot of mention of blood in the life of Jesus and in the end it covers us.”

“I’m going...

Dec 25, 2019

Worst Jobs, Puppet Weekend Shopping Show, Can’t Get Everything, Holiday Social Tip, You Don’t Have to Worry, Hansen Holiday Hotline, Jesus Video Game, Christmas Buffet Etiquette, Don’t be Anxious, Goat Wrapping Video, It’s a Wonderful Life;


“Sometimes you have to suffer for puppet ministry.”


Dec 24, 2019

Basic Kindness, Another Unoffendable, Brant’s 3 Things, Christmas Myths, Christmas Villages, Hansen Hotline, Puppet Ministry in the Mall, Worst Jobs, You Don’t Have to Worry;


“We underestimate the effect of basic kindness.”

“The smell of Snickerdoodles pays off.”

“We’re more aligned with the baby...

Dec 23, 2019

Christmas Trees are Falling Challenge, Saving on Groceries, The Perfect Unexpected Gift Response, Breaking Animal News, Politics and the Holidays, Animals in Cute Christmas Clothes, Jesus in the Background, Track Jacket Entertainment, Brant’s 3 Things, The “Inappropriate” Christmas Story;


“I have...

Dec 20, 2019

Brant’s 3 Things, Brant’s Intro Music, Choosing Gratitude, Getting Good at Something, Poo Can Christmas Choir, Worst Job BONUS CONTENT: Marriage Podcast Pushback;


“Your morals are annoying if people can’t tell you’re rooting for them.”

“No one wants to be around people who make them...