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Brant & Sherri Oddcast

Jan 31, 2024

Restaurant Of Mistaken Orders, The Big Game, Jesus/Nice, Social Tip, Hansen 2038, BONUS CONTENT: Pastoring/The Sermon;


“Managing expectations leads to contentment.”

“Do I turn myself in?”

“The napkin has replaced the tablecloth.”

Jan 30, 2024

Not About You, Hansen 2038, Gossip, National Days, Dog Toys, Trust God, MasterClass, Monday Song, The Gender Reveal, Cereal Soup;


“Jesus HIMSELF said you don’t have to be anxious.”

“I trust the character of God.”

“People are fundamentally broken.”

Jan 29, 2024

Shock Jock, Lunch Bag, Not Many Ways to God, Miracles, BONUS CONTENT: Dilemma Street…Questions About God;


“Certainly at this point you realize how ridiculous this is.”

“I’m reading from the Hippocratic Oath.”

“What if God has a rescue plan and it’s Jesus?”

“Every cell in your body is...

Jan 26, 2024

Game Shows, Confession, Deception/Distraction, Papers Everywhere, Masterclass, What God Is Doing, Stanley Cup, Take the First Step, Star Spangled Banner, BONUS CONTENT: Humility;


“You probably expect some coherence and that’s fair.”

“Pay attention to what Jesus said pay attention to.”

“I blame the...

Jan 25, 2024

2 Corinthians, NFL, Breaking Animal News, Open/Closed Mind, Fruit Stripe Gum, Why Worship God, Emmys Ratings, Meeting Jesus, How Did God Free, BONUS CONTENT:  Human Rights, Neurological Problems;


“What kind of animal is Curious George?”

“There’s stuff that’s bigger than me.”

“I don’t have to be...