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Brant & Sherri Oddcast

Apr 29, 2021

Genesis and God’s Loyalty, McBroken, Coffee News, Shock Jock, Humility, All About Jesus, MasterClass, Jesus: Big Top Picture, National Days, Radical Love, Being Late, Call Out to Him, Breaking Animal News, Freedom;


“Jesus put a radical twist on the Golden Rule.”

“Jesus is all about transforming us...

Apr 28, 2021

Blue Pepsi, Getting Older, How God Sees Us, BONUS CONTENT: The Misfit Tour-First Weekend;


“You can choose to start maturing now.”

“We don’t have to be defined by our desires.”

“Our identity is rooted in Christ.”

Apr 26, 2021

Shock Jock, Chauvin Trial, Effortless And Fresh, Favorite Chore, Subtracting, Simple Truth, BONUS CONTENT: Isaac And Engaging With Culture;


“We’re currently getting smoked by laundry.”

“You don’t always have to add to your life to improve it.”

“If you trust God you don’t need to be afraid of...

Apr 23, 2021

Go For It With God, Illinois Sports, Breaking Animal News, Academy Awards, God Is Not Worried, Nature Sounds, Distinct People, Simple Pleasures, A Croissant In A Tree, Boring Stores;


“God seems to really honor loyalty and honesty.”

“A reference to baby bobcats is on the way.”

“If we’re distinct,...

Apr 22, 2021

Trusting God, Back In Our Day, How To Get Rich, Allergies, Choose The Kids, Life Tips, Thankful For The Station, Phone On Mute, Shock Jock, Chauvin Trial, Masterclass, Karen In the Park, Your Past;


“God is very gentle with us.”

“I trust God’s character.”

“Well, you’re supporting yourself and...