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Brant & Sherri Oddcast

Jul 25, 2018

Not So Good Content, Mordor Family Feud, Miracles, Breaking Animal News, Please Go See the Rock, Check Please!, Work Is Good, God Loves Us, Gratitude, Be Encouraging, Chick-fila, Struggling with Faith;




“This is Mordor Family Feud, Sherri. Be realistic.”

“Please just accept this breaking animal news...

Jul 24, 2018

Social Tip, Sci-Fi Question: Going Back in Time, The Church, The Saddest Tweet, Books About Aspergers, Being Childlike, Greatest Golf Story?, Your Work is Important, Check Please!, End of the World, Mice Not Aging;



“I want to continue to role play. I have other things to say.”

“There’s something...

Jul 23, 2018

Forgiveness, Breaking Animal News, Church Hurt, Twins Running for Office, Punishing the Listener, Don’t Worry, Dr. Eric Abrahamsson, Karma and Jesus, A Challenge from Shawn, First Impressions, The Lemon Video, BONUS CONTENT: The Man Flu Twitter Battle;



“Forgiveness is excruciating and we have no choice.”

Jul 20, 2018

Using the Poor, Self-Righteousness, Being Monotone, Marrying Up, Breaking Animal News, We Think We’re Good, Listener Uniform, Gift of Grace, Alien Planet, Men and the Flu;


“When dating people typically fall for people that are out of their league.”

“You don’t know whether I’ve been placed in this job...

Jul 19, 2018

Phone Numbers Memorized, Just Say It, Let Down the Rock, Don’t Worry, IKEA Game, Jesus and Masculinity, No Politics, Breaking Animal News, BONUS CONTENT: OUTTAKE-Ice Cream Trucks and Horror Movies;



“We all owe The Rock an apology.”

“Jesus gave us the option to NOT worry.”