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Brant & Sherri Oddcast

Oct 31, 2018

Peace, Pay-Per-View Golf, The Prize Wheel, Walking the Faith Alone, BONUS CONTENT: The Church of Satan and God’s Authority, The Show Is Headed to LA and Sacramento;


“We don’t have to live with fear all the time.”

“Who knew you could buy a prize wheel from IKEA?”

"The amount of freedom God gives us is...

Oct 30, 2018

Shock Jock, Having a Soft Heart, Candy Corn, The Pittsburgh Shooting, How to Approach God, When God Doesn’t Take Weakness, Not Listening, Prize Wheel, Fruit of the Spirit, Men and Women Differences, Moody and God’s Love, BONUS CONTENT: Halloween Decor Response;



“It’s a gift from God to be at peace.”

Oct 29, 2018

Walking the Faith Alone, Sci-Fi Question, Read About Jesus, A Challenge from Steve, God and Doubt, Mordor Family Feud, When Life is a Breeze, Talk People Make More, What People Think of Us, REPLAY: Colliding Neutron Stars and Avoiding Sin;


“I’m baffled how much God loves us.”

“After 39 our...

Oct 26, 2018

Men’s Reaction Time, How God Loves Us, Christmas and Neiman Marcus, Awkward Jog of Gratitude, Jesus and Action, Yelling at the TV, Jesus Is Surprising, Mac and Cheese, Everything Is Fine, When the Focus Is on Me, How God Sees Us;


“I’d like to emote about the awkward jog of gratitude.”

“Everyone has...

Oct 25, 2018

Greek Hero or Prescription Drug, Introvert/Extrovert, Eugene Peterson, Jesus Being Annoying?, Jolene, Extra Three Hours of TV, Morbid Football News, Breaking Animal News, The Worlds Best Show, Museum of Disgusting Food, Obedience,  BONUS MATERIAL: God and the Fish;


“My cousin took tyclerimus and now he has no...