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Brant & Sherri Oddcast

Apr 30, 2019

Brant’s 3 Things, What Not To Do When You Rent A Car, Angry and Worried, Widow at Dinner, Breaking Animal News, Reaping in Another Season, Save the Alien Planet;


“If you feel the desire to lose your keys to the rental car, don’t do it. It’s a big ‘ol hassle.”

“Worry spreads but peace does, too.”

Apr 29, 2019

Just This Station, Blame Shifting, NFL Draft, National Days, Breaking Animal News, God’s Rock Solid Promises, Worst Jobs, Praying For Your Enemies, Household Chores, What God Looks Like, Loud on the Phone;


“Praying forces you to be honest and not shift blame.”

“Yesterday I focused exclusively on Mars.”

Apr 25, 2019

Breaking Animal News, God’s Love and Puppies, Needing Coffee, Beards and Bugs, Politics and the Kingdom, Sherri’s Kids, Good Friday Forgiveness, Resurrection Kick-Off, Welcome to the Show, Avenger’s Movie, Joy and Freedom, How You Look, Doubting Your Doubts;


“This bit lost its bite.”

“For correct...

Apr 24, 2019

People Can Change, New Cereal, Experts and Jesus, T-Rex Fossil for the Show, Breaking Animal News, Easter Pressure, When I Look In Your Eyes, BONUS CONTENT: Healing Services;


“Obedience helps people to change.”

“We can be known as the show with the T-Rex fossil.”

“What a sweet ending to an otherwise...

Apr 23, 2019

10 Billion Strands of DNA, Notre Dame Fire, Delta Recline, What IT People Think, Real Life Slogans, The Pommel Horse Routine, Good Friday, Welcome to the Show;


“So what we’re doing a show that people want to go to sleep to.”

“I said ‘whoa’ once.”

“There’s a bigger picture than we can ever...