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Brant & Sherri Oddcast

Mar 29, 2019

Church Attendance, Cheerful Brant, Slang, Methuselah Movies, Your Jog: Worship, Scotland Not Germany, Chocolate and Your Arteries, Breaking Animal News, Worship Experience, No One Is Good, Conner McGregor and Brant;


“It’s good to know what not to say.”

“Whatever job you have change the purpose and it can...

Mar 28, 2019

In-Laws, Breaking Animal News, Friendship, Holy, “Now We’re Hugging”, Psalm 3, Apple Anger, Who Jesus Picks, Apple Contentment, God Loves You, Sci-Fi Question: Weight vs. Pay;


“Faith is confidence.”

“My music is like a child’s drawing of a chicken in space.”

What Jesus is looking for is...

Mar 27, 2019

Gym Judgment, Pleasing God, Shock Jock, Prize Wheel, Changing the World, 18ft Long hair, Jesus and Weirdos, Too Many Options, Actually Guys, Motivation, Amy Grant Resolution, Faith and Trust, What Makes You An Adult, Acting the News;


“How can I change the world? I can barely get the dog walked and have...

Mar 25, 2019

The Tolkien Movie, Obeying God, Spring Shock Jock, Love and Suffering, The Flintstones and the HOA, Anger, BONUS CONTENT: Talking About Jesus;


“If I want to change, I have to obey. Then my heart changes.”

“If you want to protect yourself from suffering don’t love anything.”

Mar 22, 2019

God vs. Science, Robot Driver’s Ed Teacher, MySpace Loss, God Wants Us As Friends, Brant’s New Hair, Be of Good Cheer, Breaking Animal News, BONUS CONTENT: The Cost of Higher Learning;


“God and science are not mutually exclusive. They are not opposed to one another.”

“Someone go tell MySpace we’ve...