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Brant & Sherri Oddcast

May 26, 2017

Good People vs. Evil People, NFL Celebrations, Judged by Looks, Self-Righteous, Jeans When you’re Down, God Cares for the Birds, Prayer, Who God Uses, God Rearranges, Listener Uniforms, How Much for Coffee, Little Hardships;

May 25, 2017

Social Tip, Prayer, God Has a Plan (He’s an Artist), Job Fail, Travel to Flat Places, Obi Wan Rebuttal, The Bachelor/Bachelorette Show, Intelligence and Atheists, Kids and Smartphones, Breaking Animal News;



“The more you’ve got of what the world wants the harder it is to be humble.”

“That’s the way...

May 24, 2017

Brant and Sherri talk to their friend Luke Caldwell formerly of the group Esterlyn about his new HGTV Show “Boise Boys”.

May 24, 2017

Job Fail, Being Generous, Latte Out of Avocados, We’re Protecting you, People at Dinner, Humans and the Blame Game, God Covers Us, Jesus and Politics, Worshipping Politics, True Freedom Jesus Agreeing With You, Mordor Family Feud, Breaking Animal News, God Wants Your Heart, Deal Breaker: Bob Tattoo;




May 23, 2017

Out of Tune Life, The Trees are Moving, Kids and Cell Phones, Breaking Animal News, Jimmy Fallon & Tim Tebow, Brant’s Reunion, Trusting God, If Jesus Rose, The Blue Check Mark, Naturally Generous, Feeling God;



“At the beginning of the day I want to be ‘spiritually tuned’ or else it’s just a bunch...