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Brant & Sherri Oddcast

Sep 29, 2014

Producer Sherri's fave quotes from this podcast:


“The idea of a ‘soulmate’ is completely bogus.” (Lisa)


“Women has done a disservice by trying to take over in areas within the church and guys just step back and let it happen” (Lisa)


“My mode to getting a boyfriend was to offend everyone I could and then see who thought it was cute and funny.” (Lisa)


“Guys aren’t really attracted by church culture. Especially in their 20’s. Seems like their being asked to passive engagement with God where you get to attend this ‘thing’ or plug in to somebody’s flow chart.” (Brant)


“In a culture that has a ‘god’ called sex, they think you’re invalid as a human without it." (Brant)


"At what age can you reasonably be expected to not act like a complete idiot in public? 3 years old?" (Brant)


“Singleness is hard, but we’re all called to trust God with something.” (Lisa)