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Brant & Sherri Oddcast

Dec 25, 2018

Holiday Safe Place. Questioning, Jesus: The Dividing Line of History, Breaking Animal News, Hansen’s Holiday Headquarters Helpline Hotline, The Christmas Story and the Shepherds, NBA Suggestion, Scratch Off Success, Fake Social Media Sponsors, Shocking Christmas Facts;


“Tests of patience makes good...

Dec 24, 2018

102- Year Old Skydiver, Hansen’s Holiday Headquarters Helpline Hotline, The Power Of Our Words, 19-Hour Christmas Tree, No One Is Good, Breaking Animal News, Unoffendable and Hurt, 6 Ft of Hair;



“I don’t want to think about a 102 year old woman crashing through the clouds towards me.

“Whatever power I...

Dec 21, 2018

Happiness and Gratitude, Don’t Get Tired, Jesus and Desperation, Brant Hansen: Nutrition Coach, Elf and Shelf, Toxic People, Shocking Christmas Facts, Brant’s New Facial Hair;


“Our culture constantly encourages us to be ungrateful and to not be content.”

“You can’t prove that cowboys didn’t have...

Dec 20, 2018

One Lone Caroler, Holiday Social Tips, Asperger’s, A Challenge from Betsy, The Shocking Christmas Story, The Gift of Stress, The Yelli, Figuring Out God, Hansen’s Holiday Headquarters Helpline Hotline, The 3 Magi Expectations;


“At first you see how Sherri was hostile but now we’re friends.”


Dec 19, 2018

Baby Jesus Reactions, I Love You But…, Hansen’s Holiday Headquarters Helpline Hotline, Jesus as an Introvert, Studying Jesus, Settle Down, Make Up Touch Up, Apocalyptic Fashion and the Christmas Story, The Holiday Safe Place, You’re Welcome Here;


“Jesus is way more fascinating than just stopping at...