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Brant & Sherri Oddcast

Oct 31, 2016

Today Is All You Have, Stop Posting Bird News on Sherri’s FB Wall, Pumpkin Spice vs. Count Chocula,  Good Is the Enemy of Great, Civilization 6, Destination Addiction, Text vs. Talk, Breaking Animal News, Being Truly Authentic, The Food Mission, Traffic Performance Art, The Compliment Moose;



“There’s a historical basis for believing there was actually a Count Chocula.”

“You only have today to love people.”

“Even if you’ve stumbled upon the show by pushing seek on your radio, we have a listener evaluation file on you.”

“I want to be an adult and I’m gonna be a good one.”

“It’s a reoccurring theme from God that He’s just looking for faithfulness loving the people in front of you.”