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Brant & Sherri Oddcast

Jun 28, 2024

Ice Baths, Hockey, Shock Jock, Mr. Potato Head

BONUS CONTENT: Pray for Sherri, Ice Bath Follow-up



“Don’t wait until you feel like talking to God.”

“I didn’t expect the evangelical zeal.”

“No YOU DON’T love squats.”

Jun 27, 2024

Content Fields, Purpose, Inside/Out, Chisel Art, Welcome To The Show, Love Your Enemies, Aggravating News, Pre-crastination, Shock Jock, All Roads Lead To God, Lift Your Hands

BONUS CONTENT: The Men We Need Conference 


“There was tons of effort.”

“We’re more than a ‘tool’”.

“He wants to be with...

Jun 26, 2024

Special Music, Rainbow Covenant, Shock Jock, Dead Plants, Repentance, Breaking Animal News, Love Your Enemy

BONUS CONTENT: Special Music



“His hostility has ceased.”

“It’s a million colors for us.”

“People, in general, don’t want to change.”

“Noah Webster did it.”

Jun 25, 2024

Multi-Task, Reality, Shock Jock

BONUS CONTENT: Things Chris Says, Reality Follow-up, 2000th Podcast Review



“Then you’ll be sorry!”

“On the rock is not just hearing The Word but doing it.”

“Focus on the person in front of you.”

“Reality is what hits you when you’re wrong.”

Jun 24, 2024

Topics:  “SURE!”

Happiness, 36 Pieces of Patio Furniture, Feelings, Shock Jock, Eating Healthy, Love Your Enemies, Rude, Hansen 2038, Summer Bugs, Hotels, Wrong Text Word

BONUS CONTENT: Rude Follow-up



“Active looking out for happiness…”

“Once again Jesus is ahead of the curve.”

“You have to...