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Brant & Sherri Oddcast

Dec 24, 2021

Ranch Nog, Christmas Freaked Out, Christmas Songs, He Gave Us A Person, Christmas Eve Gifts, Christmas Breaking Animal News, Holiday Social Tip, Everybody Loves The Christmas Story, Oh Holy Night, Google Home, What Kind Of King?, BONUS CONTENT: Sherri’s Play;


“We’re a special show.”

“That’s what you...

Dec 23, 2021

Accordions For Sale, Breaking Animal News, Brilliant Christmas Story, Jesus And Kids, Yakutsk Again, Revelation 12, Lexus Gift;


“We always talk about Jesus on this show.”

“Just to make the family gathering a little weirder this year."

“Let the organ do the work.”

Dec 21, 2021

Shock Jock, Holiday Social Tip, Christmas Story/No Myth, Hansen Holiday Party, Welcome To The Show, Herod, Joy, Parking Spots, A Private Proposal, BONUS CONTENT: AMC Recitations;


“I’m not known for being smooth, I’m known for being shocking.”

“You are the worst sensei I’ve ever seen.”


Dec 20, 2021

Tell Your Neighbors, Christmas Arguing, Cartoon Christians, NFL Mime, Masterclass, Making Decisions, It’s My Christmas, Christmas: I Am Loved, God Helps Those…, Robot Replacement, Finding Nemo, BONUS CONTENT: Canadian Masterclass, What We Thinkin’ Bout…Morals;


“Why is it easier to tell the whole world...

Dec 17, 2021

Cadbury, He Still Delights, Ace & The Street Tuffs, Christmas Example, Out $100,000, He Loves His Creation, Caroling Boss Move, We Need People, Chasing Christmas Feelings, McGrinder’s, Welcome To The Show, BONUS CONTENT…Cadbury Revisited;


“That’s a rabbit!”

“God doesn’t just tolerate us.”